Leading the charge


Our Origin Story

The Budding Artist Foundation was inspired and established to honor the community involvement of Carl “Bud” Hatley and Robert “Bud” Hall. Both believed the arts played an integral part in preparing for a productive and creative life.

Carl ‘Bud’ Hatley started his teaching and coaching career at a small high school in Washington State. He believed in uncovering kids’ strengths and supporting their talents. He loved the theatre and often said, if he could get all his football players to take ballet or a dance class, they would be more balanced athletes. He was my role model for giving back to the community and providing kids opportunities to shine.

Robert ‘Bud’ Hall started his career as an advertising man. After having four sons he became an Episcopal priest.  He noticed one of his sons struggling with school and suggested he take a theater class. That theater class unlocked a passion for a life in the arts. I’ve often wondered what I would have been if my Dad hadn’t nudged me.

Our Trustees

Carla Hatley

Carla was fortunate to have parents who loved going to the theatre. They believed in the power of the arts to complement an education. Piano lessons and ballet were introduced at a young age and her first role had her dying her hair red…a messy process for a twelve-year-old.

Before co-founding BAF, she was the Bay Area Program Coordinator for SAG BookPALS, developing read aloud programs in underserved elementary schools, family shelters, Fairyland, and the Juvenile Justice System. Before COVID, she volunteered in SFUSD classrooms, encouraging children to find their authentic voice through literacy and theatre.

As a professional actor she’s had the privilege of working with children, a bear and being the first scream heard in Wes Craven’s Scream.

William Hall

William Hall is an actor, improviser, and executive trainer who co-founded BATS Improv theater and training center in San Francisco. He is also the founding partner of the San Francisco-based business theater company Fratelli Bologna. He has spent the last 14 years as an international leadership and communications coach for Fortune 500 Companies around the world.

He has taught at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and the Stanford d.school.

Scholarships have meant a lot to me my whole life because they have made it possible for me to discover art and hone my skills. The work you do to help young artists is important and necessary. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sofia V – Class of ’22